To have a happy marriage life you need to have very proper/right choice of your partner. To have a right choice of your partner you need the help of God who know better then us.
How to know God’s mind about my marriage? How can YOU know with whom YOU will be happy ever more?


  1. When a person will come before you OR when you think of some one from the point of marriage, pray for Him / Her. God will give peace in your heart when you are praying for that person. If you don’t get peace, You may wait or you say no .

  2. From the bible: Lord will lead you from his holy bible as you are praying and looking for God’s help in the very important decision of your life. When you read your bible every day God will give you proper understanding of His will whether He is willing for the boy /girl or not . Read your  Bible every day and God will help you and you will never regret for the marriage decision

  3. Your Parens: Ask your parent’s about that boy/ girl.   Know their hearts because they care for you and love you. Their willingness is very important. God leads our parents for all of our decisions. They are mediator between you and God. So ask them.

  4. Your friends: Like minded friends who knows us much more. We share all of our matters with them open heartedly. Friends those who believe in Jesus, those who are praying for you, Not those who are worldly. God fearing friends will give you right advice and will help.

If all this four goes in one direction, understand that it is God’s will.

But before you think of your marriage, let us ask you one question . Do you believe in Jesus Christ? Do you have assurance of your salvation (that is – have you asked forgiveness of SIN from Jesus?) This is the first step, without that you will not get His help.

For your life partner think of some one who also have this forgiveness experience. Do not think of any one who is not Christian. Otherwise Jesus will not be happy with you and not help you in your marriage life.

Don’t look for carrier only but also his/her character. 

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